Cook Diploma

Incorporating the Highfield Level 2 Diploma for Professional Cooks (RQF)

Applicants are required to be16 years of age and have a sound English Literacy base.

ChefMLK School of Cooking offer candidates the opportunity to register for a nine-month course which will meet the qualification requirements of Highfield Qualifications Level 2 Diploma for Professional Cooks. The Highfield qualification sits on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in Britain.

NOTE: This qualification is not registered on the South African Qualification framework.

This course is ideal for amateur cooks who would like to improve on their skills and learn professional methods.  As a base qualification it can assist individuals to decide if a Culinary Career is what they want to pursue and offers progression to the Occupational Trade qualification.

The course builds on knowledge gained in the Kitchen Assistant course and includes both basic and essential theory aspects, preparation and cooking techniques with a focus on both hot and cold food preparation.

Learners may progress to the QCTO Occupational Certificate Cook upon completion of the Highfield Cook course.

Email for an application form, or download the PDF below.